Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet the Despachante, Your New Brazilian Best Friend

Please come again?

Não se assuste. Achei o site Brazzil (Since 1889 trying to explain Brasil) por acaso, ao procurar serviços de despachante em São Paulo. Segue um trechinho muito interessante sobre o tópico em questão:

The term despachante is derived from the Portuguese adjective meaning "efficient", which I confess may seem somewhat ironic at this point in our discussion. If you look up the word despachante in a Portuguese/English dictionary, it's generally defined as a "shipping agent", a "document agent" or a "customs agent"; however this term is more broadly used to refer to the middleman or facilitator of business transactions of all sorts.

In his book The Testament, much of which takes place in Brazil, but which I must confess I have not read, John Grisham provides a colorful description of the term despachante. Mr. Grisham writes that despachante is "a Portuguese term for a personal dispatcher, expediter, buyer, or runner.

"No official document is obtained in Brazil without waiting in long lines. A despachante knows the city clerks, the courthouse crowd, the politicians, and the customs agents. He knows the system and how to grease it to get things done. The job requires a quick tongue, patience, and a lot of brass."

Vou deixar o site Brazzil na lista de blogs pois sempre gosto de ter perspectivas diferentes sobre o mesmo assunto.


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Tenho estado extremely busy no meu new job (o que é bom). Desculpem-me pela falta de posts.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Certificações - UPDATE

Fiz a prova do PMI na Prometric em São Paulo e passei. Agora sou oficialmente um PMI-certified Project Manager Professional. How cool is that?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Na verdade isso não diz respeito diretamente a nossa jornada. A lei em questão propõe negar cidadania aos filhos de cidadãos canadenses nascidos no exterior, o que eu particularmente acho um absurdo.

A petição mostra porém que a sociedade canadense não está contente com as atuais políticas imigratórias do Ministro Jason Kenney.

Em face à atual crise econômica, isso pode ter dois desdobramentos:

- Uma flexibilização do 'endurecimento' das leis propostas pelo Ministro Kenney.
- Uma radicalização para o lado mais fraco, nesse caso, nós na jornada.

It's all about the money.....

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Sign petition against Canadian Citizenship law changes
Posted on March 3, 2009 by knowledgeomnivore

The Canadian Expat Association has launched an online petition to pool our resources and fight the upcoming changes in the Canadian Citizenship laws. Please do sign, and pass this on to anyone you know who may either be themselves directly affected, or who could be in the future (this would be all Canadians, present or future). Over the past few weeks many of us have been working intensely to alert Canadians living around the world about changes to Citizenship and Immigration laws that will affect children of Expats born abroad. There has been significant headway gained with media both in Canada and abroad assisting in our efforts.

Individuals from around the world have been in contact with the association and several other Canadian organizations are working hard to encourage Expats and their relatives in Canada to write to Minister Jason Kenney and their local MP. This is working, as Citizenship and Immigration critics with both the Liberal Party and the NDP have expressed their support of Canadians living abroad.

To help consolidate our voices an online petition has been created. Please visit and sign the petition at Canadian Citizenship and Children Born Abroad (

On March 17th, the petition will be presented to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada Honorable Jason Kenney, (Liberal Critic) Maurizio Bevilacqua and (NDP Critic) Olivia Chow. We would also encourage you to forward this information to other Canadians living abroad and relatives in Canada.
Please continue to write letters to the following individuals:

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Hon. Jason Kenney,
(Liberal Critic) Maurizio Bevilacqua,
(NDP Critic) Olivia Chow,

Visit The Canadian Expat Association
to keep up to date; and remember, sign the petition: