Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet the Despachante, Your New Brazilian Best Friend

Please come again?

Não se assuste. Achei o site Brazzil (Since 1889 trying to explain Brasil) por acaso, ao procurar serviços de despachante em São Paulo. Segue um trechinho muito interessante sobre o tópico em questão:

The term despachante is derived from the Portuguese adjective meaning "efficient", which I confess may seem somewhat ironic at this point in our discussion. If you look up the word despachante in a Portuguese/English dictionary, it's generally defined as a "shipping agent", a "document agent" or a "customs agent"; however this term is more broadly used to refer to the middleman or facilitator of business transactions of all sorts.

In his book The Testament, much of which takes place in Brazil, but which I must confess I have not read, John Grisham provides a colorful description of the term despachante. Mr. Grisham writes that despachante is "a Portuguese term for a personal dispatcher, expediter, buyer, or runner.

"No official document is obtained in Brazil without waiting in long lines. A despachante knows the city clerks, the courthouse crowd, the politicians, and the customs agents. He knows the system and how to grease it to get things done. The job requires a quick tongue, patience, and a lot of brass."

Vou deixar o site Brazzil na lista de blogs pois sempre gosto de ter perspectivas diferentes sobre o mesmo assunto.


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