Thursday, August 26, 2010


Agora que a coisa começa de verdade né? Queria fazer um relato aqui sobre oportunidades de trabalho e um email que troquei com uma recrutadora profissional na área de tecnologia no Canadá:

Q.: "Consider two professionals, with very similar professional backgrounds and skills but there's only one available position for hiring. Both professionals are legally authorized to work in Canada however one lives in Canada, the other doesn't. Given these variables, statistically speaking who has more probability to get the position in the end?"

A.: "I can not be sure what the answer is to this question as it will vary depending on the company. But if I were betting on this scenario I would assume 9.5/10 times the local candidate will always be chosen. Companies do not like to take on risk and having someone come from outside the local area always presents a risk for companies."

E agora José? Sabático na cabeça?

Alguém tem alguma opinião à respeito?

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